HoN Classic Hero Spotlight: Wretched Hag

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The Wretched Hag haunted Newerth’s darkness long before the Hellbourne spilled forth. A fiendish hag fatted off the flesh of children and virgin brides, she keeps as her only company a swarm of bats — the only creatures that can abide her shrieking cries.

Wretched Hag is an intellect hero who focuses on ganking and soft-carrying by doing massive amounts of magic damage to many enemies at once. Hag is already lurking the gloam forest of Caldavar, so there is no need to wait for her to be released!

This Friday, the Wretched Hag alt avatar “Hocus Pocus” will make her debut! This limited time avatar will only be available for a short while! She has all new spell and sound effects, so be sure to check her out!

Property of S2 Games

Prestidigitatious introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda

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