Darkfall Unholy Wars: Skirmisher Role / Deadeye School

A Deadeye is extremely skilled with the bow, and can utilize it to damage single targets or even small groups.

Here is a brief rundown of the Deadeye skills:

Puncture: A magically imbued arrow attack that can travel through enemies, and damaging everyone in its’ path.

Exploit Weakness: A debuffing attack that greatly reduces a target’s arrow protection.

Explosive Arrow: An explosive arrow attack that will damage everyone around the area of impact.

Trueshot: A very powerful arrow shot, that offers extreme speed, accuracy and damage. An arrow shot with Trueshot will travel in a completely straight line, with no arc.

Salvo (Ultimate): A devastating barrage of arrows fall from the sky towards the Salvo’s point of impact. Everyone affected by Salvo’s deadly rain will suffer serious damage and will be unable to sprint for a short duration.

The video follows: Please ignore the health-mana-stamina bar appearance in this video. This is from a test client with this specific configuration.

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HoN Dev Blog: Pearl

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HoN Creative Designer Jonathan “Pandaroohoo” Ly and Content Manager Michael “TonyTwoToes” Guzmán are here to give you an inside look at the development process of Pearl the Bubble Magi. Pearl is a purely defensive support hero who excels at protecting and healing her allies while holding her enemies at bay. For more information on this ranged intelligence hero, check out the Pearl Spotlight before she arrives in Newerth on October 26th.

To view the Pearl Spotlight visit: http://youtu.be/A4V9RyQxW8c

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HoN Tour: Registration Process Video Tutorial

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Join the HoN Tour admins for an in depth look at the registration process for HoN Tour competitors. HoN Tour is a multi-event tournament series with a season one cash prize pool of over $330,000. Running from October 2012 to April 2013, HoN Tour begins with a Qualifier to seed players into one of four divisions. The HoN Tour tournament platform is completely automated to make your HoN Tour experience as streamlined as possible.

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HoN Hero Spotlight: Pearl

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For eons the Bubble Magi were the greatest defense the Legion had against the Beasts and Demons. Their protective magic circled the Legion cities in domes that kept the enemy’s assaults at bay. When Maliken’s betrayal came to pass, his agents simultaneously assassinated every Bubble Mage known to the Legion and burned their monastery to the ground. All had succumbed, save for one lone apprentice who was mistaken for a mere servant and one pet turtle who had watched his master from afar. Searching amongst the ruins of her home, she discovered her master’s staff clutched in his charred hands. As she took up his weapon, she finally allowed her tears to flow and her determination became clear. She has spent years honing her craft and now Pearl, the last known Bubble Mage has taken to the battlefields to wreck vengeance on Maliken and his demon horde.

Pearl is a ranged intelligence support hero who is adept in utilizing defensive magic. Her mastery over the flowing waters of Newerth allow her to both nurture wounded allies and suffocate her enemies.

Spectacular introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda<br

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Darkfall Unholy Wars Role System: Baresark

In Darkfall Unholy Wars, one of the roles destined to serve players that love heavy melee combat is the Warrior. One of the Warrior schools is the Baresark. Baresarks like close combat, and specialized in dealing with multiple enemies. Their skills affect anyone that is standing near them or crosses their path.

You will find a brief explanation of the Baresark skills below:

Maelstrom A weapon-based attack that deals damage to anyone around the Baresark.

Stomp An attack that will knock everyone away from the Baresark.

Stampede The stampede dramatically increases the Baresark’s sprinting speed for a short period of time, while damaging and knocking back any targets that cross his path.

Roar An area-of-effect debuff, that reduces the base attributes of anyone inside its range.

Pulverize (Ultimate) Pulverize is the Baresark’s best weapon to deal with multiple opponents in a tight space. Pulverize damages everyone around the Baresark, knocks them back and blinds them for a short period of time.

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