Darkfall Unholy Wars: Air School / Elementalist Role

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In today’s video, narrated by Darkfall’s lead writer, Al Stellakis, we present the Air School of the Elementalist Role.

As is apparent in the video, Air Elementalists are masters of wind and lightning. Summoning thunder and fierce winds they are able to keep attackers from getting within striking range. This alone makes them truly formidable on the field and a force to be reckoned with.

The opposing school to air is earth, and thus Air elementalists cannot choose that as their second school.

The Air Elementalists skills are the following:

Attunement to Air – Embrace the Storm. This buff increases your lightning protection and anybody attacking you will receive a large percentage of their damage returned.

Thunderbolt – A rapid firing, short range spell to deal damage and fling an enemy away!

Lightning Bolt -A searing bolt of lightning that will plow through everyone in line of sight! Those hit will also be temporarily blinded.

Tornado – You are the eye of the storm. The buffeting winds that surround you will damage enemies

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Darkfall Unholy Wars: Skirmisher Role / Brawler School

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In today’s video, narrated by Darkfall Unholy Wars writer, Al Stellakis, we present the Brawler School of the Skirmisher Role. As you can also see in the video, the Brawlers’ competitive advantage is his maneuverability and endurance. They quickly move in and out of combat, dodge attacks and take advantage of their surroundings better than any other role can.

What is not apparent in the video is the high mana and stamina consumption, along with the serious cooldowns, but as with every other school there are compromises to be made.

The Brawler skills are the following:

-Efficiency: This skill reduces stamina consumption of other skills. Since this school is heavily dependent on Stamina, the Efficiency skill is crucial so that the Brawler can keep going.

-Dash: This gives a bonus to the sprint speed and allows the Brawler to escape in a rush, or move in for the kill.

-Leap: Leap is a double-jump skill so that the Brawler can reach areas or jump over obstacles or area-of-effect attacks. Leap can be used in conjunction with

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