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Quote:This is the list of combat changes that we would like to present you for our next patch. Note that nothing is finalized yet and some functionality changes are pending programmer feedback. Your feedback is appreciated:

Update: edited comments in this colour

Ultimate skills:

Spirit Bond : Healing Reduced. Cooldown increased.

Heart of Stone: Reflects Bludgeoning damage instead of Impact. - in order to 'break' the infinite damage loop.

Static Field: AoE size reduced 1 tier. You will need to be very close to the target.

Barrage: Duration slightly reduced.

Player Movement

All movement and CC abilities are getting removed/nerfed, in order to make positioning more important. Also adding more skillful movement in game:

Dash - Removed, and replaced with Begone skill. For those who are not familiar, Begone is a physics spell that pushes your opponents or yourself forward and can be used for creative play.
Begone gives a more horizontal push, and is rather different than Havoc Blast. It also works in all directions, (we had applied a fix in the final months of DF1 that had addressed this bug). It will be castable with any weapon and not just staff.

We are also investigating the idea for a seperate "sprint bar", that gives higher sprint speed, depletes/regenerates fast, and is seperate from Stamina bar.(not for this patch)

Attunement to Air: Movement speed bonus removed. Magnitude slightly increased.

Heightened reflexes: Movement speed bonus removed. Longer Duration, Faster CD, Stamina bonus added, Spell casting speed bonus added.

Pulverize: Blind duration reduced. Knockback force reduced. Cooldown increased. Damage increased.

Stampede: Movement speed bonus halved. Duration reduced. Cooldown increased.

Frostbite: Movement slow debuff removed. Duration (for the lightning debuff/slow debuff) slightly increased

Tornado: Knockback force greatly reduced.

Watery Grave: Physics pull removed. While inside WG, your breath bar becomes 0 and you take breathing damage. Alternative: Pushes targets outwards of pulling them inwards.

Seizure: Tweaked so it resembles more the old "Come Hither" spell (more potent).

Repel: Knockback force reduced. Now a cone instead of 360 aoe.

Horizontal falling damage slightly increased.

Other skills:

Attunement to earth: Duration halved. 2 stacks down from 3

Lunge: No longer instant spell - Small casting time added.

Vampiric Strike: Cooldown increased.

Maelstrom: Faster animation (similar to Pulverize). Damage increased.

Roar: Also silences target for few seconds.

Thunderbolt: Damage slightly increased.

Caustic bolt: Damage slightly increased. Duration slightly increased (so it's easier to stack its effect)

Fireball: Damage slightly increased.

Attunement to Fire: Duration moderately reduced.

Soul Flay: Secondary "link" effect removed. Casting time reduced. Debuff timer reduced (ganks faster)

Rescuscitate: Casting time reduced. Debuff timer reduced (revives faster)

Invigoration: Mana net gain greatly increased. Note that since the previous patch, Invigoration is not tied to regeneration, and is not affected by other regeneration effects.

Bitterstep : Cooldown slightly increased. Sliding effect magnitude slightly reduced.

Foebringer: Aoe Radius reduced by 1 tier.

Bandage: Now heals over time instead of instantly.

Exploit weakness: magnitude increased (debuffs more than Flurry).


Wall of Righteous Force and Tectonic Shift removed (and possibly replaced with new skills)

Metal armor Piercing and Lightning Protections reduced by about 2 at dread level.

Movement and archery:
Player acceleration is much faster and more responsive (movement changes introduced several patches ago)
In order to counter-balance for this change, archery missile speed will be increased. This will also allow to shoot more accurately targets at slightly longer distance.

Slight tweaks to hitboxes for when player is on the move in order to lessen the 'missed when it should have hit' moments. This will attempt to partially fix/aleviate the "hitbox issue"
Tweaks to Shoulder camera targetting in order to make it more accurate. We expect this to actually count more towards fixing the hitbox issue

Common skills:
Added Levitate skill (the old Telekenesis spell). Summons a column of air that pushes any characters inside, upwards.

Mounted Combat:
Lean attack damage greatly increased.
Can now attack forward while moving.

Also investigating increased rotation speed of mounts without geometry exploiting

(Under)Water combat:
All role/common skills now allowed underwater as well as while swimming on the surface. We feel comfortable allowing this change going in game, and we also feel comfortable reverting it if any serious problem arises.

Player Regeneration very slightly reduced - To address TTK

Changing Roles
Cooldown for changing role removed. (In anticipation for our new UI/Skill selection that will have skills instantly "activated" when you drag them on your hotbars.)

Note that, for now, the 30sec "activate role" timer+animation still applies. To give you a small preview: With the new UI we are planning to do away with that as well. However:
dropping skills in the hotbar will be available only out of combat.
combat timer will be increased.
Dropping a skill in the hotbar may activate a global cooldown for every skill for 1-2seconds, to avoid exploiting.
There is plan to save up to 4 hotbar configurations, with 4 different buttons to activate each setup. Dragging a skill on the bar automatically "saves" it. Available out of combat of course.
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Damn, I was about to post this and steal all of the E-Cred.

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Updated PvP changes!
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I've updated this thread with the latest notes
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