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Issued a charge back
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Issued a charge back
I got lucky and logged in when servers reset. Played for a while

I really like the game. but by the time I was ready to log off there was an hour queue.

I'm done with that. Never has a game been this bad with queues and afker's and bullshit.

Not that I played it this at all, but I've taken a little break from 24/7 darkfall and I'm ready to get back into it-- especially with the upcoming patch.

You guys are idiots for dropping DF for that game lol.
09-21-2014, 01:16 PM
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RE: Issued a charge back
If you enjoy DF more then play DF, nothing wrong with that - no need to call us idiots though. The game is way more popular than expected, they've basically doubled the number of servers as well as increased server capacity and been implementing anti-AFK measures. Can't really blame an amazing game for being popular, that's idiotic.

I'm level 50 now, haven't had problems getting in for the most part. Been having more fun in AA than any MMO other than DFO. The crafting is great, the combat is good, the leveling was decent, the class system/skill system is the best of any MMO I've ever played and the game has tons of longevity.

Plus it's nice to... you know... play a game that other people are actually playing. I can find a fight in AA within 15 seconds of running in any direction if I want to. Can't say the same about UW.
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