Darkfall Unholy Wars: Warrior Role/Battle-Brand School

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In today’s video, narrated by our Creative Manager, Adam, we’re excited to present to you the set of skills the Battle-Brand School of the Warrior Class has to offer in Darkfall Unholy Wars. The Battle-Brand is a very strategic role, he is the ultimate defensive warrior, designed to keep fighting for as long as possible, even while under heavy attack within enemy lines.

The Battle Brand skills are the following:

Foebringer: is a skill that pulls everyone around the Battle-Brand closer to him. Using the Foebringer, the Battle-Brand can misdirect his opponents when drawing them close, delivering critical hits that can turn the tide of a battle, while giving his fellow warriors a chance to regroup and fight back.

Bandage: is a self-healing skill that gives a sizable health boost to the Battle-Brand, allowing him to have a second wind during a drawn out battle.

Stinging Riposte: is a self-buff that returns a percentage of damage back to the enemies attacking the Battle-Brand. This skill used strategically can help wear down the opponents, while discouraging their attacks.

Spellbane: is another self-buff which increases magic resistance for the Battle-Brand, allowing him to stand up to magic users more effectively. This is something we’ve wanted to give our players who prefer warrior tactics for a while, to make them more viable against magic attacks.

Stoic Defense: is the Ultimate skill of this School. While using Stoic Defense, the Battle-Brand renders himself immune to all damage for a short time, while consuming both mana and stamina. Good timing while using this skill can result in routing your opponents, give the Battle-Brand free attacks, and this could make the difference in any confrontation.

As you can see, the Battle-Brand has the tools to become the ultimate tank for your group and help you cut through your opponents’ lines, while keeping attackers away from your ranged fighters. A skilled and experienced Battle-Brand can make a huge difference in a battle and help your group gain the advantage. As a solo player, combining with another School like the Baresark, the Battle-Brand can be a devastating force to reckon with and possibly the last-man-standing in a confrontation inside Darkfall Unholy Wars.

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