HoN: Casual Mode Spotlight

Posted by on December 9, 2010 in HoN, Streams | 0 comments

Casual Mode will be coming to HoN this coming Monday, and will be replacing Easy Mode as HoN’s faster paced, more action packed game mode! Casual Mode will feature a variety of changes compared to easy mode, some of the most noticeable ones being no gold loss on death and tower armor reduction depending on the number of enemy heroes alive. Although Casual Mode shares many similarities with Easy Mode, the goal of Casual mode is to create a mode that is more in-line with Normal mode, making the transition from Casual to Normal Mode and vice versa less painful on the player. Unlike Easy Mode, we hope to make Casual mode a mode all players can enjoy without having to worry about tainting their stats! We hope you’re looking forward to this new game mode as much as we are and we hope to see you in-game this coming Monday!

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