HoN Classic Hero Spotlight: Hellbringer

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During the war against the Beasts, many humans became experts in summoning daemons to fight alongside the Legion. Some became addicted to this unholy act, and even when the Hellbourne turned against their masters, continued to invoke the dark rituals. One such warlock is known only as Hellbringer, now a captain in the Hellbourne army and perhaps the most despised man on Newerth.

Hellbringer is a ranged, intelligence hero who focuses on dealing a large amount of damage in a wide area. His manipulation of dark arts allows him to regenerate health when enemies take damage. Hellbringer’s guardian, Malphas, may be summoned forth into the realm of Newerth, ready to protect his master in times of strife.

Malevolent introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda

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