HoN Dev Blog: Lightbrand

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Join S2 Games staff members Brent “Buro” Wiedmer, Matt “DOGKaiser” Knizacky, and Ryan “LoreMeister” McDaniel give you an inside look at the newest item to grace Newerth: Lightbrand. This ancient Blade of Light, forged by the light of the full moon and harnessing the power of Lunari, is the companion blade to both Icebrand and Firebrand. Once lost with the coming of the Hellbourne, the ancient sword’s location was revealed in the book of a mere neophyte and brought back by the Archmage of the City of Iron. Lightbrand will offer an all new intelligence-based attack modifier to Heroes of Newerth on October 12th.

Join the Lightbrand discussion on the HoN Forums by visiting http://bit.ly/lightbrand.

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