HoN Dev Blog: Oogie

Posted by on August 30, 2012 in HoN, Streams | 1 comment

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Join Jonathan “Pandaroohoo” Ly, Creative Designer for HoN as he gives an inside look at the development process behind the new hero: Oogie. This Melee Intelligence Carry builds damage through the scaling of mana. Between his two abilities Conflagrate and Primal Surge, Oogie excels at dealing significant area of effect damage while sustaining high survivability as his manapool increases. Be sure to check out the HoN Hero Spotlight for Oogie and prepare for Oogie’s debut in Newerth on August 31st.

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  1. They are, hence the shotgun cnmemot; which was about 2 feet, thanks for assuming. As for the light, you might not be playing the game right since you haven’t played the first base. And I’m pretty sure they could do more than one map and not have the full game as other Battlefields tend to have 5-6 maps. As for the squad system, if you select yes, put me in a squad then you get put in separate squads and if you select no, I’ll do it later then none of you get put in any squad.

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