HoN Hero Spotlight: Blitz

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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com Among the Beast Tribes of Newerth a Great Race is held in the savannahs each year. The winner joins their Queen in the battle against the Hellbourne. Many types of warriors compete, some rely on strength, some stealth, and others use speed and cunning. The Grand Champion is the vulpinoid master of velocity – Blitz! Now the Hellbourne daemons must hide to survive, for they certainly cannot run! Blitz is a speedy hero who excels at manipulating the movement speeds of those on the battlefield. Items such as Ghost Marchers that give Blitz a burst of movement speed are ideal. Fireband and Geometer’s Bane help this fox stay on his toes. Assassin’s Shroud grants the bonus movement speed and the utility that may be needed, but Shrunken Head is a more valuable defensive item. Grave Locket and Chalice aren’t too important on Blitz, a Power Supply and Bottle should keep his mana and health regen up long enough to do his job. Frostwolf Skull can help slow enemies, but with all of his movement speed and slows, it may not be too useful until late game. Blitz can be played as both a ganker and a support hero. He isn’t adept at carrying due to lack of scaling attack damage, but he can snowball into a force to be reckoned with early game with great teamwork and use of his abilities. Getting at least one point in Quicken may be helpful to save allies if he is played in a more passive role. Property of S2 Games Exciting introduction

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