HoN Hero Spotlight: Ellonia

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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com Those who hail from the great Frostfields of the north live by one rule: fight or die. But now, the Hellbourne forces are rapidly advancing towards their beloved homelands and demolishing everything in their path. The powerful ruler of those harsh lands knew her lands would be next and could not sit idly by while her kingdom fell. Thus, the only sorceress deserving of the name Frost Queen fights not to defend the Legion but to bring forth the full might of winter and banish the daemons back to the pit from which they crawled. Ellonia is a ranged, intellect hero focused on skillshots and combos. Since her spell costs are not cheap, items that greatly increase mana regeneration and her mana pool are the most beneficial. Early game items like a Bottle, Power Supply, and a Grave Locket keep her mana pool from running dry. Ellonia would benefit from Ghost Marchers thanks to the increased movespeed for chasing and fleeing, and with a Grave Locket, she shouldn’t be low on max health. If steamboots are purchased instead, Grave Locket may be skipped, though more stats are always better. All of her abilities have a slowing mechanic on them, so until her mana pool is big enough to chain cast, anything that increases mana regeneration and max health should be sought after. Mid-game items like Tablet of Command grant her mobility, an escape, and bonus intellect she can use. Hellflower and Spellshards are also great items for her

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