HoN Hero Spotlight: Kinesis

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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com The Prophet teaches that energy flows through all things, we must only harness it for ourselves. The mages invoke incantations, the priests call upon gods wicked and just, but for the truly powerful, the power is harnessed from within. These are the Disciples of the Way and among them there is one known for his mastery over all — Kinesis. Let the Hellbourne beware the power of his mind. Kinesis relies heavily on the manipulation of the nearby units so that he may lift and launch smaller objects as projectiles. Being a ranged, intellect hero, his mind is a powerful asset, and also allows him to absorb much of the incoming damage by being offensive. Early game items such as Power Supply, Grave Locket, and a Bottle are great for keeping him powered up and buff with stats. Steamboots fit well, providing additional health, or a clutch swap to int for the bonus mana to launch one last assault. Nullstone is an extremely effective item, further boosting his defensive prowess and providing much-needed mana regeneration. As he fights with his mind, and not fists, most attack modifiers will pale in comparison to helpful gear like Frostfield Plate, or Kuldra’s Sheepstick. Inherent defense works by providing a shield for all damage attempted, and not actually done, so Spellshards won’t further increase his tanking capacity, nor reduce the cooldown on his Telekinetic Lift charges, but it still may prove a valuable tool for

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