HoN Hero Spotlight: Midas

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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Replay clips organized by Viole Video editing and effects team pLoLock, Smyger, RuthlessVoid Development Blog: s2nome.wordpress.com Being a ranged strength caster, Midas can fill a number of roles on a team. For a more semi-carry oriented build, getting some early mana regeneration items, followed by standard attack boosting items that give him survivability, such as frostwolf skull and geometer’s bane, will set him up to do significant damage with his normal attacks, and make full use of his disables. With enough survivability, he can fearlessly warp into groups of enemy heroes, stunning them and shutting them down with strong attack damage. Your early level skill build will depend on preference and playstyle. If you choose to max out salvo and lion’s pride early on with a single point in warp for the emergency mobility, this will grant you maximum range harassment without committing to jumping too far into enemy territory in order to deal damage. This early skill build is also quite suitable for playing as a support, making full use of the heal from lion’s pride, and the long range disables. For more offensive play, you can roam between the lanes, leveling warp to max for the landing burst damage, and potential large aoe stuns when used in combination with any of his other skills after level 6. Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda www.facebook.com Discuss Midas on

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