HoN Hero Spotlight: Pearl

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For eons the Bubble Magi were the greatest defense the Legion had against the Beasts and Demons. Their protective magic circled the Legion cities in domes that kept the enemy’s assaults at bay. When Maliken’s betrayal came to pass, his agents simultaneously assassinated every Bubble Mage known to the Legion and burned their monastery to the ground. All had succumbed, save for one lone apprentice who was mistaken for a mere servant and one pet turtle who had watched his master from afar. Searching amongst the ruins of her home, she discovered her master’s staff clutched in his charred hands. As she took up his weapon, she finally allowed her tears to flow and her determination became clear. She has spent years honing her craft and now Pearl, the last known Bubble Mage has taken to the battlefields to wreck vengeance on Maliken and his demon horde.

Pearl is a ranged intelligence support hero who is adept in utilizing defensive magic. Her mastery over the flowing waters of Newerth allow her to both nurture wounded allies and suffocate her enemies.

Spectacular introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda<br />http://www.facebook.com/tomhabudamediamusicfactory

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