HoN Hero Spotlight: Salomon

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The great champion Salomon was locked within the lamp after defying the Nine Kings of the Great Waste. They hired him to cleanse their realms of the Sand Wraiths, which he did. In thanks, they draped him in jewels and stacked gold higher than his head. As he loaded his caravan with the riches, the Kings demanded that he bow to them before he departed.

Salomon refused. This was the greatest of sins in the Nine Kingdoms.

The Kings reclaimed the riches and Salomon’s soul was torn from his body and imprisoned within this lamp. The moment his tomb was sealed, the Sand Wraiths fell upon the Nine Kingdoms of the Great Waste again. It is unknown whether this was the nature of the daemons, and inevitable, or if Salomon had made a bargain with the damned.

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Majestic introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda

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