HoN Hero Spotlight: Shadowblade

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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com Shadowblade is a highly versatile hero who can alter his primary attribute at will. With three forms alligned to each attribute, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence, Shadowblade can choose his role depending on the upcoming fight. Steamboots should be the go-to footwear for Shadowblade, as they provide on-the-fly stat swapping and attack speed, beneficial to all forms. Items that increase defensive powers, such as Helm of the Black Legion and Insanitarius, are best suited for a Strength-centric build. Damage dealing items such as Frostburn, and later, Frostwolf Skull, would be ideal for Feint’s Siphon. An intelligence build would greatly benefit from bonus intellect items, such as Tablet of Command or Nomes Wisdom. Nullstone is an amazing all-around item that will be highly beneficial to all formes, due to the high mana regen and stat bonuses. Directed, scripted, organized by Mia “Viole” Violet Intro sequence and final render courtesy of David Kim “RuthlessVoid” Demonstrative staged scenes and other tidbits by “Smyger” Commentary provided by Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten Introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda www.facebook.com

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