◀ArmA 2 – Dawn of the Apocalypse, Sacrifice

This is the prologue to Chernarus Apocalypes. Elbrooke and I must make our way to the radio tower in Zagoria in hopes of warning the country! Will we make it?

The mod is naturally dark and I’ve adjusted what I can in post without compromising quality.

Download it – http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12135

SideStrafe on facebook and twitter – http://www.facebook.com/sidestrafe

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HoN Hero Spotlight: Midas

Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: www.heroesofnewerth.com Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Replay clips organized by Viole Video editing and effects team pLoLock, Smyger, RuthlessVoid Development Blog: s2nome.wordpress.com

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