Sir Bawbie PvP 2 – Nice Warrior Build

Pretty good PvP video from Sir Bawbie (who I think is part of SiN).  Some small scale out numbered fights, some medium scale fights and a few bonus clips at the end.


I really like the warrior build that he was using in this video, I’m not sure if I remember all the skills correctly but I think it is:

Pulverize, Crushing Blow, Vamp Strike, Power Attack, Foebringer, Stampede, Evade, Efficiency, Bandage.


He would set up nice pulverize –> foebringer –> crushing blow –> vamp/power attack combos – pretty crazy damage when he connected with all those attacks.

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The Power of Exalted Sacrifice

This is a nice video that was posted on the forums by FearBytes. It really goes to show how strong Exalted Sac can be, and it is definitely something that I’ll be running in all of my prime builds from now on (and I’d highly encourage anyone else who plays prime to do the same thing).  Kyriel’s build overall seems pretty solid, at least for big group fights. She doesn’t run Invig, which seems a little weird… I really like it but maybe I’ll try a few builds without it since it’d open up the chance to run a ranged gank or another knock back.


Finally, one thing to note is that her positioning is always pretty solid in this video – I think that’s going to be one of the most important parts of being a successful small group. I know that it is something that I personally need to consciously work on during our group duels and PVP runs.



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